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By definition "Young People" are un or im-mature adults. Due to both the advantages and disadvantages of our society many are unable to FULLY appreciate or understand what they have already experienced, are currently going through or are facing in the future.


Even those who do, may have a limited or narrow perspective, gained through misinformation from their environments. The same may apply to many young and even older adults.


Further to this contact with "authority" in its various forms results often in adversarial and conflictual relationships forming, alongside ideas and behaviours that suit their lifestyles, but are at odds with the aims and objectives of agencies.


Communication and effective, positive progress in these instances becomes slow or next to impossible. At these times it seems as if you and your clients are at loggerheads or opposing sides!!




Potential – Interference


MAKING a DIFFERENCE - Coaching Achieving Potential

Helping to facilitate "New Thinking"

MaDCAP provides Bespoke 1:1 or Groupwork Interventions,

or Training to address troubling behaviours:




* MaDCAP-Coaching promotes greater and enhanced levels of: Self-esteem, Personal-Development, Individual Growth, Social or/and Life-Skills and Pro-Social Behaviour.


* MaDCAP-Coaching engages and works to strengthen troubled Families or those with discord. We work to scaffold agencies to enable Parents and to provide support to both Parents and Carers around Parenting difficulties or breakdown. We can help facilitate mediation, provide buffers to enhance communication and discussion and bolster the process of reengagement, reconciliation or management which can allow, calm and control issues, related to School engagement or achievement, LAC return home, visits, contact or care, family (Parent-Child) breakdown.


* MaDCAP-Coaching's 1st principle - '"Make Their Plan Your Plan/Make Your Plan Their Plan".


* MaDCAP-Coaching works in C.O.R.P.I.P - Collaborative, Owned, Respectful, Participative, Inclusive, Planned ....and this informs all of our interventions and practice.

* "Co-Production and Co-Design ensure an equal, reciprocal and progressive relationship".



PACKAGES (All nterventions are individualised and costings are indications, open and subject to negotiation and change):



£2500 including (up to/combined): 3 Sessions School Staff/Management Consultancy, 2 Sessions Parent/Family Liaison, 4 Sessions Direct A.I. (Client) Coaching, 3 Sessions Mediation/Advocacy meetings

Inc: travel cost/time allowance within TfL zones 1-3, Initial Assessment, Dynamic Intervention Planning, Reports (where necessary).



Good - 45mins session with minimum booking of 5 sessions (on reoccurring basis, unless cancelled before 10 days of next renewal): to £900 dependant on Assessment/Analysis/Complexity.


Better - 80mins session with minimum booking of 5 sessions (on reoccurring basis, unless cancelled before 10 days of next renewal): to £1300 dependant on Assessment/Analysis/Complexity.


Best - 120mins session with minimum booking of 5 sessions (on reoccurring basis, unless cancelled before 10 days of next renewal): to £1600 dependant on Assessment/Analysis/Complexity.


Extra Costs - Emergency Call-Out, Extracurricular Phone Support, Additional Support


Solution Focused on Creating change:


We believe change is best

achieved by helping people

realise THEY are the best

people to find the solutions

to their own problems.

Techniques, Theories and Experience -


•There are no one size fits all solutions to help address the complexities which cause "difficulties" in young people's behaviours. We look at many factors and consider and draw from the most effective practices to encompass relevant elements including:







* AMBIT (Mentalization)

* Clinical

* Systemic - remove barriers to engagement....increase effectiveness/success rate of (care) plans.

* Holistic

* Mental Health

* Scaffolding

*School/Parent liaison, communicatioe, intervention and advocacy -INDEPENDANT

* High Risk

* Early Intervention

* Adult Mental Health

* Troubled/Challenging Families

* Adult Offenders

* Prolific Persistent Offenders

* High Substance Misuse

* Alcohol Abuse


* Looked After Children (LAC)

* Play-Worker

* Conflict Resolution

* Mediation

* Targetted Support

*Youth Work

* Bail & Remand

* Case Management



* Offence Analysis




* Inclusivity Advocacy -Co ordinated Cohesion for Fuller, Equalized access of services

* Parenting and Carer support

* Return home support

* Leaving Care Support

* Advocacy

* Constructive Activity and Occupation

* Pro-Social Instruction

* Life/Social Skills Education

* Facilitation

* Report writing

* Diversion - Activities

* Immersion/Exposure



Services -

We work in the Strictest Confidentiality and will work to achieve success and create plans with:


  • Social Services
  • Youth Offending Teams
  • Parents
  • LEA's
  • Police
  • Intensive Fostering
  • PRU's
  • Carers
  • Community Safety
  • YOI's
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Families
  • Court & Criminal Justice System



We call the way we work C.O.R.P.I.P.


  • Collaborative
  • Owned
  • Respectful
  • Participative
  • Inclusive
  • Planned


And this informs all

our interventions.


info@madcap-coaching.org.uk +44 (0)7939-056 667 www.madcap-coaching.org.uk